Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company (CVMIC) is an organization uniquely designed to overcome the diverse insurance and service needs facing Wisconsin municipalities.

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Member Spotlight

We were on location at the South Milwaukee Fire Department with Chief Knitter talking about his success utilizing the CVMIC Grant Program to obtain equipment to reduce back injuries and provide better patient care. Read More

Emotional Intelligence: Managing Yourself and Others to Get Things Done

Emotional intelligence at work is a foundational skill that helps everyone manage themselves and others more successfully. Emotional intelligence is so important it has been found to be one of the largest predictors of success on the job! Join us for this webinar on August 16th! Read More

Heavy Equipment Safety Training Online Courses Available

Whether you are new to operating heavy equipment or an experienced operator, these brand-new, engaging courses will equip you with information and best practices to help ensure your safety and the safety of others. Read More

Online Anti-Harassment Training!

Retrain your staff this year with our online course, Anti-Harassment: Promoting a Positive Workplace. The course features branching content based on your role as either a supervisor or employee. Read More

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