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Thawing Laterals

The prolonged cold weather we had last winter created major problems for municipalities
due to frozen water laterals and mains.

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2014 Significant Program Award Winners

CVMIC is pleased to announce six Significant Program Award winners for 2014.

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OSHA Recordkeeping: Maintaining the OSHA 300 Log

If you are responsible for OSHA Recordkeeping and maintenance of the OSHA 300 Log, this recorded webinar is for you! Join Ben Rank, CVMIC’s Loss Control Specialist, as he discusses understanding the OSHA recordkeeping forms, knowing when to record a new case, identifying work-related incidents, annual posting requirements and more! View the recorded webinar in the "Resource Center" tab of the Learning Link today!

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Conducting Effective Meetings

Most employees have participated in a meeting that is ineffective and has caused frustration. Perhaps you have sat through a meeting where nothing was accomplished or the meeting was dominated by just a few participants. The material presented in this live webinar will help you avoid conducting future, unproductive meetings! Join Rick Bayer, CVMIC's Loss Control Manager and Jean Cole, CVMIC's Employment Practices & Liability Specialist on February 27th!


Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company

Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company (CVMIC) is an organization uniquely designed to overcome the challenges facing Wisconsin municipalities in relation to diverse insurance and service needs. At CVMIC, our personal approach helps members utilize insurance products, human resources, safety training and numerous other risk management services to build a successful program. Our success is attributed to the principles of teamwork and cooperation.

Working with CVMIC is a mutual partnership for now and the future.


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