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Social Media Webinar

The ever-increasing growth of social media use has both positive and negative implications for employers in every phase of the employment process, from recruiting to termination. This session will provide an overview of practical and legal issues associated with employee social media use, including discrimination and harassment issues, workplace violence, compliance with FCRA, and recent NLRB interpretative guidance on social media policies, among other topics.

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Vehicle Fire - Prevention

Recently, a CVMIC member had a vehicle fire involving a sanitation truck, resulting in a total
loss of the vehicle. The loss could have been much more severe, had the fire
spread and not been discovered in time. One program CVMIC has to offer members in
helping to control this exposure is our Fleet Battery Disconnect Program.

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Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Training of Trainers

This training is designed for the law enforcement trainers who wish to teach a block of
instruction on suicide prevention and intervention techniques within a law enforcement
setting. Because this is an important project, there will be a vetting process for those
interested in attending.


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Media Relations: Managing Your Message –
For Better or Worse Webinar Series

The webinar series focuses on how agencies can best tell their own story, whether it is to build positive
messaging about the agency’s work on an ongoing basis, to message during a crisis, or to
provide the community with information during the continuity of operations following an incident.

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Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company

Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company (CVMIC) is an organization uniquely designed to overcome the challenges facing Wisconsin municipalities in relation to diverse insurance and service needs. At CVMIC, our personal approach helps members utilize insurance products, human resources, safety training and numerous other risk management services to build a successful program. Our success is attributed to the principles of teamwork and cooperation.

Working with CVMIC is a mutual partnership for now and the future.


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