Biddle Pre-Employment Tests

Are You Using Biddle Pre-Employment Tests?

By: Jean Cole, Employment Practices & Liability Specialist/Human Resources Manager

In 2015, the CVMIC Board of Directors approved CVMIC’s purchase of preemployment testing software from Biddle Consulting, an HR Consulting Firm that is a strategic partner of NeoGov. This software is provided at no-cost to each member. The Biddle pre-employment testing software integrates with Neogov, so once an applicant is set up to take one of the tests, their score will be automatically uploaded from the software into Neogov Insight. Members began implementing the software in 2015; to date, 21 members have been sent the software. If you are interested in receiving the software – please contact Jean Cole at 414/831-6003 or The Biddle Consultant that CVMIC is working with is Nick Brown, who can be reached at 800-999-0438 x 161 or The tests are designed to mimic tasks performed on the job, such as being able to use Microsoft Office programs to enter data, edit documents, manipulate spreadsheets and create presentations. The tests also contain a built-in Validation Wizard that allows subject matter experts (SME’s) to validate the test. The Wizard was created to help organizations address the validation requirements of the federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978). This offering will be discussed in greater detail at your Municipality’s upcoming work plan meeting with CVMIC. For more information on the tests, follow each link below: