Grant Program Submissions Due September 1st


The CVMIC Risk Reduction Grant Program is designed to offer our membership a method for obtaining equipment, services and training materials to assist them with the reduction of injuries and loss potential. Target areas for risk reduction include workers compensation, general liability, employment practices liability and auto liability, but additional areas of liability may be considered. The intention is to create a simple method to help remove financial barriers for our members and reduce the risk exposure for the membership.


Members are required to designate a Grant Program Coordinator that manages all requests for the city/village to best serve the overall needs of the municipality. CVMIC suggests that the member representative be the coordinator for the grant program. Multiple submissions are allowed up to the allotted dollar amount per member.

A Grant Request form can be obtained from the Grant Program Coordinator for your municipality. This form will be submitted electronically by the Grant Program Coordinator and reviewed by CVMIC to determine if the criteria for a valid submission have been met. Approved items will be reimbursed at 50% of the cost up to the allotted dollars available (see allotments) which is determined by member size: Large, Medium or Small. Reimbursement will require payment verification and CVMIC review.

Amount  Frequency  Member
 Large  $10,000  Per Calendar Year  7  $70,000
 Medium  $7,000  Per Calendar Year  17  $112,000
 Small  $5,000  Per Calendar Year  23  $115,000
 Total  $297,000

Schedule Dates

Requests can be submitted and approved up to the deadline of September 1st. Receipts for purchased items will be accumulated and payments made when either the allotted dollar amount has been used or the payment verification deadline of December 1st has been reached. The intention is for CVMIC to cut a check once during the calendar year. Grant money availability is reset on January 1st of each calendar year and grant money that has not been used by the end of the calendar year is not carried over.