NEOGOV – News from the Conference

In October, I was fortunate to attend Neogov’s Annual Training Conference.  Following are some noteworthy product enhancements that are coming, as well as some additional news!

City Tours

Neogov is conducting several “City Tours” in 2017 and will be coming to Milwaukee in May, 2017.  The City tours are a way for Neogov to get out and connect with their customers and find out how customers are using the product(s), what sort of challenges are faced, as well as what they would like to see in the future.

Insight Enhancements

New Report Builder – In the new report builder, you have the ability to see everything on one screen.  Neogov created several different report types and has included search functionality to find the fields that you would like to include in a report.  You also have the ability to re-order data and to add filters by adding conditions.

Batch application printing can be done from any evaluation step.  This functionality is in the drop down action menu.

If your organization has purchased Google Analytics, Neogov will link up to a Google Analytics number within Career Pages, which will allow you to track how your website is being utilized.

E-Reference – The ability to collect candidate reference information has been added, which allows an email be sent to the reference provided by the candidate at any evaluation step.  The reference can provide information in the form of a text or adding an attachment.  There is one rating (1 – 5 stars) that the reference is required to respond to:  “how highly would you recommend the candidate for the job?”  This is the first phase of this enhancement, and the ability to add additional rating questions is something that Neogov is considering for the future.

Online Hiring Center (OHC) – OHC is much more modern, user friendly and set up as a dashboard for users.  The expectation that this same look will be applied to Insight within the next year.  Neogov is urging all users to switch over to the new OHC as soon as possible, which can be done by calling Neogov directly to turn it on.

o   SME Review – Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) can now rate individual applicants, utilizing a 1 -5 scale, based on specific criteria set up by your organization.  Within the user set-up, you have the ability to “blind” one SME’s review from another, if preferred.

o   Applications can be printed from OHC, which can include applicant attachments in the batching.

o   SME’s can compose email notices to job candidates, which will now include the name of the HR Liaison who composes the email (not the recruiter – which is how it was previously set up).

Career Pages Enhancements – It is estimated that 50% of job seekers use smart phones to search for jobs.  It was suggested that job seekers should only have to click once or twice to get to “Employment Opportunities” within your website, otherwise the job posting is too buried within your site.  The new Career Pages have a responsive design, which means they are more mobile friendly and renders the information to the mobile phone size.