Professional Development Certificate Series

Course Descriptions

Generations: M.E.E.T. for Respect in the Workplace

This course focuses on the competency of diversity. Important topics include:

  • Characteristics of each generation
  • Issues and situations influenced by each generation
  • Practical tips for working in a multigenerational workplace
  • The M.E.E.T model for communicating effectively and maintaining respect in the workplace.

How to Get Along, Get Noticed and Get Ahead

This course focuses on the competency of Professionalism. Important topics include:

  • The importance of attitude and personal behavior
  • Turning negative attitudes into positive attitudes
  • Proactive behaviors
  • Coping with change effectively
  • Setting goals
  • The importance of being cooperative and respectful
  • Clear communication strategies and active listening.

Glad I Could Help: Real Customer Service Situations for Discussion

This course focuses on the competency of Customer Service. Important topics include:

  • The importance of the customer’s perceptions of the quality of service
  • Focusing on solving a customer’s problem versus focusing on what you cannot do
  • Having a “glad I could help” attitude
  • Skills necessary to leave the customer with a positive memorable impression.

Ready, Set, Change

This course focuses on the competency of Change. Important topics include:

  • How reactions to change impact those around you
  • Feelings, concerns or issues that might inhibit you effectiveness or decision making
  • The Change Response Strategy to proactively analyze and navigate change
  • Communicating effectively and appropriately to get the information you need to engage in change.

Life is a Series of Presentations

This course focuses on the competency of Communication. Important topics include:

  • Why work and life is a series of “presentations”
  • Three categories of presentations: inspire, inform, and influence
  • The effectiveness of the P.O.I.N.T. model
  • Applying the steps of the P.O.I.N.T. model in common presentations such as e-mail, voice-mail, live phone conversations, one-on-one, and small group/team
  • Confidence and persuasiveness when making a presentation.

Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes

This course focuses on the competency of Interpersonal Skills. Important topics include:

  • Recognizing characteristics of a bad attitude
  • How negativity impacts relationships and performance
  • Assessing a challenging situation and determining an appropriate strategy
  • A 5-step process for dealing with difficult people
  • Identifying reasons for poor performance
  • Identifying potential solutions for resolving problems
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Managing conflict with confidence