Professional Development Certificate Series

New Online Certificate Now Available!


*Course ID: CVMIC_3070

Cities and Villages has developed a new online certificate program. It is available for free to all members! The Professional Development Certificate Series is geared towards those in non-supervisory roles seeking professional development and growth through training opportunities. This online series can be used as a career development tool to build and enhance skills and knowledge for potential advancement opportunities.

Each course in the series focuses on a specific competency. Upon completion of the certificate, you will have enhanced competencies in:

  1. Diversity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Customer Service
  4. Change
  5. Communication
  6. Interpersonal Skills

Each session in the series includes a self-study guide and a video. The self-study guide is available for you to download and print. You are encouraged to fill in the self-study guide completely and thoroughly. You will be prompted throughout the session which pages to complete and when. Completing the self-study guide is necessary to achieve the learning objectives of the certificate. Each session will also end with a short quiz.

Although you can complete this certificate on your own, we encourage you to work with your supervisor in developing a plan to complete the certification. Having your supervisor support and sponsor you through the certificate allows for an extra level of professional development.

This online certificate is self-paced. Once you enroll in the certificate, you are free to complete the sessions at whatever pace and order you prefer. Each session will take roughly one to two hours to complete and does not have to be completed in one sitting. You are able to enter and re-enter the certificate program as many times as necessary.

Once you fulfill the requirements of the entire certificate by completing each session and quiz, you will be able to print a certificate of completion under your “My Training” tab in the Learning Link.

To read course descriptions for each session, click here.

*Once you click on the “Enroll” button and login, type “CVMIC_3070″ into the search box. Then, click on the “Course Title” link and then the “Enroll in This Track” button. This will place the certificate program under your “My Training”. You can launch the training from that page.