Cities and Villages is pleased to announce the launch of our latest anti-harassment online course, Anti-Harassment: Promoting a Positive Workplace.  In 2012, we first offered Anti-Harassment for Employees and it has been one of the most popular courses among all of our offerings. In 2014, we added a version specific to supervisors. We have trained over 1600 people through the use of these courses alone all across the state!

Course ID: CV32


This is a great opportunity to retrain your staff on anti-harassment even if you put them through this course in the past. This new course features updated content and replaces both Anti-Harassment for Employees and Anti-Harassment for Supervisors. In the newest version, the course will feature branching content based on your role as either a supervisor or employee. This updated course also includes a new focus on workplace bullying in addition to illegal harassment.

For complete details, view the course description below. If you are interested in assigning this course to a group of employees, follow the instructions in this link, or contact Bryon Connor (, CVMIC’s Account Manager, at FirstNet Learning to learn how!

Course Description

This online Anti-Harassment training course provides Wisconsin city and village employees and supervisors with essential knowledge necessary to understand what constitutes illegal harassment and workplace bullying.

The goals of this course are to provide:

  1. An overview of illegal harassment and workplace bullying.
  2. A guide to employee and supervisory responsibilities regarding harassment and workplace bullying.

Important topics that will be covered in this course include an overview of:

  • Definition of illegal harassment
  • Protected classes
  • Bullying behavior in the workplace
  • Differences between bullying and illegal harassment
  • Employee and supervisory responsibilities
  • Retaliation and protections for the employee

Target Audience:  Wisconsin city and village employees and supervisors