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Library Introduction


This section contains a listing of the books, manuals, and binders which are available in the CVMIC library. This information is organized alphabetically by key topic areas. In addition, there is a listing of all of the periodicals which CVMIC receives and keeps on file for a year. Also, there is a listing of the training manuals and handout materials from the CVMIC training programs which have occurred in the past.

CVMIC staff utilize the information in this library on a routine basis. Because of this, the material is not available to be checked out. CVMIC is, however, more than happy to have any member use the library and its materials during normal working hours or at an arranged time. CVMIC staff is also available to assist a member in locating the materials in the library. An appointment can be made to use the library by calling the CVMIC office (262) 784-5666.

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