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Liability Insurance Program


CVMIC's Municipal Liability Insurance Program provides comprehensive protection for cities' and villages' legal liabilities by offering third-party loss coverages in critical risk-exposure areas:

General Liability
Automobile Liability
Public Officials' Errors and Omissions
Paramedic/EMT (Incidental) Medical Malpractice Liability

The program's structure can be best described as a fully capitalized risk-sharing pool. Each member pays an actuarially determined risk premium for coverage limits of $5,000,000 excess of its chosen self-insured retention.

CVMIC's program incorporates features that control the ultimate liability of its members. Rather than expecting its members to pay their SIR limits for every occurrence within a policy period, the policy provides an annual aggregate equal to four times the members self-insured retention. After the aggregate limit has been met the policy will then respond on a first dollar basis.

To further protect CVMIC members' assets, the program is designed to reinsure most of its exposures to risk. In the higher loss layers with commercial insurers and/or re-insurers. This allows members to enjoy the guaranteed-cost benefits of the commercial marketplace when it makes good financial sense to do so.

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