The Changing Face of CVMIC

As many of you know, Mike DeMoss is retiring on November 1st. Mike has been the Executive Director since May 1988 and is CVMIC’s longest-serving employee.  However, the reality is that Mike’s retirement is just the first of several that will see top-level employees leave the organization. Such change is inevitable in any organization, but can be a challenge for smaller companies like CVMIC.  Several years ago, the Board addressed this subject and developed an inclusive plan to ensure a smooth transition. The goal is simple; prepare for turnover (planned or unplanned) and ensure that company operations and service to the membership continues at the same high- level without interruption. This process includes:

  • A comprehensive review of duties and responsibilities with a focus on knowledge transfer
  • Cross-training of employees and exposure to all key activities
  • Review and update of the organizational structure and all job descriptions
  • Review and update of key organizational documents and policies

Specific actions that have been implemented or are in-process:

  • Appointment of Ken Horner as the new Executive Director effective upon Mike’s retirement.
  • Appointment of Dave Kodel as Loss Control Specialist III. This provided an opportunity to ensure duties of the Loss Control Manager could be transitioned when Rick Bayer retires.
  • Creation of the position of Manager of Member Services & Risk Management. Pallin Allen was appointed to this position effective September 1, 2015. In this capacity, Pallin is responsible to work with members to ensure they understand what it means to be a CVMIC member and that they are knowledgeable regarding insurance coverages, services/resources, etc. that are available through CVMIC.  At the same time, it is our hope that, through focused interactions, we will continue to understand the needs of members.
  • Creation and expansion of the position of Finance Manager. This allowed Michelle Voskuil to assume the day-to-day activities previously performed by the Executive Director.
  • Appointment of Jean Cole as CVMIC’s Human Resources Manager. This is in addition to her Employment Practices & Liability Specialist responsibilities.
  • Created the position of Programmer/Analyst (Pete Voskuil) to assess, implement and make use of technical and information resources.
  • We are currently engaged in a process to update CVMIC’s strategic work plan. This process will be completed and presented to the membership at the October 1, 2016 annual meeting. Concurrently, we will review how we provide services, with the intent of designing and enhancing the products and resources that the membership will need over the next few years. This process will focus on how the emerging role of technology will impact service delivery over the next few years.
  • Transition to paperless reporting for workers compensation claims, loss reports, automated renewal applications, etc. We’re also looking at dashboarding options to make loss information available on demand.
  • Integrating emerging exposures such as cyber liability in the coverage provided to members and providing the tools members need to understand this type of exposure.

There are numerous other changes that will take place in the next few years, as we prepare to embrace the future.  Some changes will be generational; some will be technological. Through all of this, our mission and commitment to serving Wisconsin cities and villages will remain the same. The changes that are coming are both positive and healthy and will allow us to expand our reach and better serve you. The key to our success has been and will continue to be based on our ability to engage the members and to ensure they have access to needed tools and resources.