2016 Live Webinar Schedule


Attend training programs without leaving your office. Our monthly webinar programs discuss a variety of critical risk management, safety and liability topics. After the webinar has been completed, the recording is available for viewing within the Learning Link. Webinars are free for members and are listed in the “Resource Center” tab of the Learning Link.

If you have questions or require further assistance contact Melissa Polito, Distance Learning Specialist at 414-831-6008 or

Times for each webinar are from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. CDT unless otherwise stated.

Month Date Title Instructor(s)
January  14  Employee/Employer Rights and Responsibilities  Rick Bayer & Jean Cole, CVMIC
February  11  WILEAG Core Standards Verification Program Assessor Training  Rick Balistrieri, CVMIC
 18  Introduction to Drones  Bill Bongle, Innovative Policing Solutions LLC
March  3  Investigating Drone Related Incidents  Bill Bongle, Innovative Policing Solutions LLC
 10  Time Management  Rick Balistrieri, CVMIC
 11  Diversity  David Bailey, CVMIC
 17  Establishing a Drone Program  Bill Bongle, Innovative Policing Solutions LLC
April  14  Best Practices: From Press Releases to Press Events  Anne Schwartz, Schwartz Public Strategies
 28  Managing the Message During Critical Incidents  Anne Schwartz, Schwartz Public Strategies
May  5  Social Media  Thomas Godar & Tiffany L. Hutchens, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.
 12  Strategic Communication in Public Safety: Tools of the Trade  Anne Schwartz, Schwartz Public Strategies
July  13  Interviewing  Rick Bayer & Jean Cole, CVMIC
August  18  Employee Motivation  Rick Bayer & Jean Cole, CVMIC
September  22  Setting Goals & Performance Standards  Rick Bayer & Jean Cole, CVMIC
 23  Learning Link Admin System Walk Through  Bryon Conner, FirstNet Learning
October  13  Sleep Deprivation: In Judgment and Safety  Rick Balistrieri, CVMIC
December  2  Onboarding  Jean Cole & Rick Bayer, CVMIC
 8  Updates to WILEAG Accreditation Programs  Michael Jungbluth, WILEAG
 13  Response to Bariatric Patients  Chief Joseph Knitter