The indemnity costs of worker’s compensation claims amongst the CVMIC membership are 23% lower than that state average, based on State of Wisconsin statistics between 2009 and 2012.   Indemnity benefits are payments made directly to injured workers for lost wages, permanent disabilities or lost earning capacity.  This statistic shows that CVMIC municipalities do a much better job of controlling claims costs than the average Wisconsin employer.   The best and most important way for employers to mitigate worker’s compensation costs is to have a light-duty return-to-work program.  Providing light duty work not only minimizes benefits for lost work time, but also contributes to better medical outcomes that reduce or eliminate permanent disabilities and lost earning capacity.

Between 2009 and 2012, the average amount of indemnity benefits paid on lost time cases was $11,139 statewide.  The CVMIC average during these four years was $8,616.   For the 901 indemnity claims incurred, the payout was $2.3 million less than the state average for the CVMIC group as a whole.   For the self-insured employers, the indemnity payout was $1.2 million less than that state average, which is direct savings to those communities.    For the members in the first dollar program, the savings was $1.1 million, which results in lower premiums and higher dividends.

Cause of Loss

The number one cause of loss in Wisconsin are slip, trip or falls, which accounted for 43% of all worker’s  compensation claims that occurred between 2009 and 2012.   Within the CVMIC membership, slip and falls accounted for 17% of the claims that occurred (994 out of 5,728) and 21% of the claims dollars spent ($1.9 million out of $9.1 million).   This number proves that the loss prevention efforts undertaken in this area by the CVMIC loss control team and the member municipalities have had a positive impact in reducing slip and fall accidents.

Vehicle accidents make up 3% of the worker’s compensation accidents within the state and only 2% of the work injuries within the CVMIC group (137 out of 5,728 between 2009 and 2012).  Vehicle accidents total 3% of the incurred losses, or $282,711 out of $9.1 million paid out during this time frame.  These are remarkably low numbers given the reliance of many of our municipal employees on vehicles in their day-to-day activities and reflect good loss prevention by our membership and the efforts of CVMIC loss control.

PTSD and Protective Services Update

We have begun the training phase of the CVMIC PTSD initiative in our efforts to assist our protective service personnel concerning this issue.   Police Chief Kent Williams will be presenting his “Personal and Professional Breakthroughs for Law Enforcement Personnel” at CVMIC on Thursday, October 27.  In 2017, we have scheduled three training programs to assist CVMIC members with establishing and maintaining a peer support network.  Three training sessions have been scheduled for police:

  •  Wednesday, January 18, 8:30 to 3:30 at CVMIC in Wauwatosa
  • Wednesday January 25, 8:30 to 3:30 at Sun Prairie Utilities Office

125 W. Main St, Sun Prairie

  • Wednesday, February 15 at Wausau Police Department

515 Grand Avenue, Wausau, Community Room

We are in the process of setting up training for fire peer support and will let everyone know when those sessions have been scheduled.