CVMIC Philosophy

Mission Statement

“Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company (CVMIC) is dedicated to developing and maintaining high-quality, stable, affordable insurance and risk management services; supporting public services and serving the needs of its member owners.”

Vision 2025

CVMIC will be the model of innovation for municipal insurance companies and be the premier source for insurance and risk management services and resources.


Core Values



  • Shall provide high-quality risk management, claims handling and loss control services to its members.
  • Shall provide high-quality and stable insurance products to its members.
  • Shall be a vibrant, innovative and diversified organization.
  • Shall be financially responsible providing services in a cost-effective manner, maintain adequate surplus and reserves and provide stable dividends to members.
  • Shall maintain the highest standard of ethics and integrity.
  • Shall keep members informed and encourage active and positive participation in support of the organization.
  • Board of Directors shall, at all times, strive to conform with the CVMIC Code of Conduct and act with the highest standards of ethics and integrity; make all decisions in an informed, open and transparent manner consistent with the best interests of the Company and all applicable administrative rules, laws and professional standards.
  • Shall respect and employ highly qualified, professional personnel and be committed to providing a challenging and rewarding work environment maximizing employee potential.
  • Shall require employees and members to comply with the CVMIC Code of Conduct when acting on behalf of the Company.
  • Shall strive to conform to identified best practices of the municipal insurance industry.
  • And its member partners will value innovation, utilize strategic thinking and planning to understand and meet the long-term goals of public entities.
  • Shall comply with the Service Provider Bill of Rights conducting all transactions with its business partners, service providers and competitors in a respectful, open, ethical and transparent manner.