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Privilege + Allyship




Business Case for Change

  • Improve retention and workplace culture​
    o Reduce turnover costs​​
  • Improve representativeness ​
    o Ideally, the make-up of our public employees would match that of the people we serve​
    o Diversity in government leads to an overall increase in political efficacy​
  • Improve efficiency through innovation​
    o Diversity in thought, experience and background are critical to fostering innovation​
  • Better policies for all​
    o No one knows the needs of a community more than the people in it​
  • Enhance core public service values ​
    o Fairness, Transparency, Impartiality


Unconscious (Implicit) Bias


Racial Inequity

  • Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (series of episodes featuring Emmanuel Acho covering a variety of topics and providing a safe place to have uncomfortable conversations about race)​
    • Episode 1: Introduction (9:27 min)​
    • Episode 2: Matthew McConaughey (13 min)​
    • Episode 3: Chip and Joanna Gaines (10 min)​
    • Episode 4: Emmanuel Acho answers questions from viewers (7:25 min)​
    • Episode 5: Interracial Couple – Lindsay Vonn & P.K Subban with Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo (13:14 min)​
    • Episode 6: White Parents Raising Black Children (16:42 min)​
    • Episode 7: Carl Lentz, lead pastor of Hillsong East Coast (19:30 min)​
    • Episode 8: Roger Goodell Part I (9:10 min) Part II (10 min)​
    • Episode 9: Conversation with the Police (22 min)​
    • Episode 10: Chelsea Handler (15:21 min)


Gender Inclusivity






Diverse Abilities


Fostering an Inclusive Culture