Claims Administration

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Our Mission:

We are committed to providing a high-quality worker’s compensation service based on a balanced culture allowing for a fair, inclusive, and transparent partner relationship with our members.

Our Vision:

We are an innovative leader in the Worker’s Compensation Industry delivering an “Ease of Doing Business” experience while providing our members with accurate and timely information.

  Core Values:

We strive to dedicate the best Worker’s Compensation service to our members resulting in positive decision-making processes and outcomes.

We place our customers “First” allowing for a customer-based culture and ease of doing business between CVMIC and our members.

We pride ourselves on having transparent, strong moral, and ethical principles by which we operate by daily.

We encourage open and free communication, allowing for trust and mutual feedback, and a partnership of decisions amongst staff and members.

We respect one another’s opinions and ideas allowing for a clear direction in obtaining goals, open communication, and the team’s decision-making processes.

We appreciate our team associates, our members and injured workers while creating a balanced and dignified culture.

We pride ourselves in being able to stand out from competitors in the Worker’s Compensation industry. We provide a solid service that is untouchable based on our commitment to open communication, honesty, and being fair, inclusive, and transparent with our customers and members.

We value the opinion of our team members and customers and stand behind taking full responsibility and ownership of our actions by using sound judgement and professional knowledge.