The Leadership Challenge Workshop (2nd Day) (PLM3D1) (Virtual)

The Leadership Challenge Workshop (2nd Day) (PLM3D1) (Virtual)

April 25, 2024


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“Leading from the front”: The Leadership Challenge Workshop (Two-Day Workshop)

This leadership “capstone” invites leaders to participate in the nationally recognized “Leadership Challenge Workshop”. This two-day interactive and immersive workshop, based on the long-running book of the same name by Kouzes and Posner, provides leaders with a unique and transformational opportunity to evaluate their role as a leader.

After attending this two-day program leaders will be able to:

  • Identify the admired characteristics of leaders around the world
  • Explore the five key areas of leadership
  • Implement successful leadership behaviors to improve their leadership ability

This powerful workshop provides leaders with the opportunity to reflect on what made them aspire to be leaders within their own organization and to “recharge their leadership batteries”.

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